Chris Oughtred 
3069 South Broad St. #4 
Chattanooga, TN 37408 
(423) 752-0095

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About North Light Imaging Services


North Light was formed June 1996 to provide the Chattanooga region with a fast, high quality, specialized photographic lab service. With a strong request from the areas professional photographers. Chris Oughtred brought his vast knowledge and experience to town and built North Light Imaging Service.

We have become an invaluable part of the arts community.

North Light has embraced the technology providing image reproduction with unsurpassed excellence.We are capable of producing prints of the utmost quality.With 35 years experience in the photo industry you can be assured that your work will look it's best, guarenteed.

We print from digital files onto true photographic material and Giclée prints on art paper and canvas.

Both yield incredible quality and archivability.

More services includes complete film, print and art scans. Fine Art documentation and reproduction. Photo restoration. Composites.Retouching.

Fast turnaround is part of North Light's appeal. To us, your deadline is as important as quality. Orders are completed in only a few days.

Please let us serve you and your art/photographic needs. We strive for perfection and individual customer service. No job is too big or too small.

We thank all our clients for their loyalty and patronage and would like to invite anyone interested in our service to give us a try.

Our hours of business are 9am-6pm Monday thru Friday.


Helen Burton

It is so thoughtful of you to pick up and return my artwork, to save me the trips to Chattanooga. Besides, I am so fortunate to benefit from your excellent work.  I admire your skills with the camera, computer and printer, way beyond anything I could do.
Thank you, again! 
Sandra Washburn
Thanks Chris- these are very true  to color and beautiful!
I just got this back from Chris at North Light Imaging, he does phenomenal work...if anyone needs his/her work to look it's best, you can't find better than Chris:)

 Leila Ashton

  You did a magnificent job of photographing a difficult piece.  You completely eliminated the glare from the varnish and got absolutely true colors.  I am very impressed.Thanks so much, Leila





 "What a joy to open your envelope and behold the gorgeous square catalog of your work inside.  It’s beautiful, simply put!  There’s an astonishing (and intriguing) contrast between its color-filled recto-verso outside and the spare elegance of the photography of each single work.

Of course, when I read the end-paper’s credits and that Chris Oughtred/North Light did the photographic work, I wasn’t surprised.  The catalog is a remarkable work of art, in and of itself!  The inside images are breath-taking:  the exquisite lighting, the stark beauty of each piece’s singularity and presence…  Whew!
 You should feel an innate sense of extreme satisfaction with this production.  (I also love your use of “shadow” as a medium…so very important to your work and it presentation…and, to me, a unique use of this word as a descriptive medium.)"